The Institute for Planetary Synthesis is an NGO in consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC) and was founded in 1981 in Geneva. It aims at reawakening an awareness of spiritual values in daily life and promoting planetary awareness, leading to planetary citizenship based on the spiritual values: love of truth, personal responsibility, sense of justice, constructive co-operation and selfless service of the greater whole. The Institute works to make known the 10 seed-group structure, the 10 fields of service*, as a possible basis for the future world culture and civilisation. ​

* The ten fields of service are: education, politics, religion, science, psychology, economics (including finance), communication (including telepathy), enlightened observation, healing and creativity.

    Best wishes for 2017

    Best wishes for 2017 - Meilleurs voeux pour 2017 - Beste Wünsche für 2017
    Наилучшие пожелания на год 2017 - Nuestros mejores deseos para el 2017
    Nossos melhores votos para 2017

    Tree of LifeThe Banyan Tree

    Beyond shameful words of hatred, beyond evil mutual destruction—the word of Bliss, which is close to every human heart, spreads widely like the mighty branches of the sacred banyon tree.

    Au-delà des paroles honteuses de la haine, au-delà de la destruction malfaisante partagée - la parole du bonheur suprême, proche de tout coeur humain, se propage largement comme les branches vigoureuses du banian sacré.

    Jenseits schändlicher Worte des Hasses, jenseits bösartiger gegenseitiger Zerstörung breitet sich das Wort der Seligkeit, das jedem menschlichen Herzen nahe ist, aus wie die mächtigen Zweige des heiligen Banyanbaumes.

    Сверх позорных слов ненависть, сверх зла взаимного уничтожения—слово блаженство, близкое сердцу каждого человека, широко распространяется как могучие ветви индийской смоковницы.

    Más allá de las vergonzosas palabras de odio, más allá de la maligna destrucción mutua – la palabra de Bienaventuranza, que está cerca de cada corazón humano, se extiende ampliamente como las vigorosas ramas del sagrado árbol baniano.

    Além das vergonhosas palavras de ódio, além da maligna destruição mútua – a palavra de bem-aventurança, tão cara a todo coração humano, dissemina-se amplamente, como os vigorosos ramos da banyan sagrada.

    Himavat Diary Leaves, pages 87-89, Nicholas Roerich

    Declaration on the Right to Peace

    We are glad to announce that on Monday 19 December the plenary of the General Assembly adopted the Declaration on the Right to Peace by majority of its Member States in resolution A/RES/71/189.

    A process of 20 years, after the first attempt by UNESCO in 1997, is over.

    A detailed article on the Declaration, written by David Fernandez Puyana, was published in Elaph, a leading independent newspaper for the whole Arab region.

    Click here to read the article.

    Events organised by IPS Geneva

    IPS General Assembly

    The triannual General Assembly of the IPS will be held on Sunday 7 May 2017, from 14:00 to 18:00, at the IPS Geneva, chemin de l'Etang 37, 1219 Châtelaine/Geneva.

    Further details will be sent soon.

    Events organised by local branches

    Festival of Love, Joy and Happiness - IPS Odessa

    International Festival on the Ten Seed Groups around the Full Moon in Gemini, Christ Festival.

    Date: 3-17 June 2017, Odessa.

    Other events

    Unless indicated otherwise, these events are not organised by the IPS. 
    For further details, please contact the organiser of each activity at the address given. 


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