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Love of truth; commitment to justice; sense of personal responsibility for the effects of all our thoughts, words and deeds; spirit of cooperation; and selfless service for the common good - these five values are proposed as stepping stones for all our activities on this planet, in order to create a culture of right human relations and mutual respect between human beings. In the Manifesto 2000 for a culture of peace and non-violence, launched by UNESCO, similar commitments are proposed: to respect all life, to reject violence, to share with others, to listen to understand, to preserve the planet, and to rediscover solidarity. This Manifesto has already been signed by 75 million people worldwide.

These two sets of values have inspired us to create a list of groups, organisations and individuals who, in their own spheres, endeavour to put these values into practice. Although we may not always share their points of view and approaches, their activities set an example of how we can serve humanity and the other kingdoms of nature. This directory is thus our contribution to the international decade for a culture of peace and nonviolence for the children of the world.

Our hope in creating this directory is twofold. Firstly, that by making known these alternatives to the present profit-oriented, materialistic world order, we might strengthen them and increase the number of their supporters. Secondly, we hope to help those who seek to serve humanity in one way or another, and who often ask us or themselves, "What can I do?". May this directory inspire them and help them find their field of service!

The directory is structured on the basis of the 10 seed-groups, a structure proposed by the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet as a possible basis for the future world civilisation. This structure includes 10 possible fields of service. In each field, the focus of activity may be more or less esoteric. Some people work on the level of inner realisation and exploration, others on the level of outer materialisation and research. Of course, these two orientations only represent two sides of the same coin, and in some cases, the distinction is difficult to make. This explains the wide variety of groups found under each of the 10 headings:

Telepathy - Communications
Telepathy, Triangle networks, Electronic telecommunications, networks, intercultural communications

Trained observation
Dissipating maya, glamour and illusion, The media as transmitters of truthful information

Health - Healing
Esoteric healing, spiritual and wholistic healing, healing with energies, Homeopathy, chinese medical systems, herbal medicine, Ayurveda, nutrition, osteopathy, women's & children's health, reflexology and kinesiology, aromatherapy, allopathy, dentistry, AIDS & epidemics, colour & sound therapy, naturopathy

Esoteric schools, spiritual training schools, character building, education for peace, Pre-natal through adult education, vocational training, human rights education, education to world citizenship

Esoteric politics, peace through meditation & prayer, enlightened anarchy, World federalist movements, peace movements, disarmament, human rights, minority rights, women's & children's rights, nature's rights, population issues, U.N. & international relations, social justice, insiders

One world religion, interfaith, Buddhism, christianity, hinduism, islam, judaism, taoism, confucianism, native peoples' religions

Cosmogenesis, anthropogenesis, Appropriate/alternative technology, permaculture, energy, solar energy, gravitational field energy, ufology, water, organic agriculture

Esoteric psychology, esoteric/spiritual astrology, spiritual, wholistic, transpersonal psychology, meditation, palmistry & physiognomy, psychosynthesis (Assagioli), Personality-oriented psychology, family-oriented psychology, analytic psychology (Jung), conflict resolution, group therapy

Finance - Economics
Esoteric economics, other forms of economics based on spiritual principles, Alternative economic and financial systems, inflation-free money (Gesell), local exchange systems (LETS), ethical and socially responsible business & management, development issues

Creative Work - The Arts
Esoteric creativity (White Magic), spiritually inspired creativity, synthesis by demonstration of new forms of culture and civilisation, including the 10 seed-group structure , The arts, architecture, city planning, new community experiences, based on active goodwill, which leads to right human relations

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