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Should the new mode of work appeal to you, see to it that the personality is subordinated, that the life of meditation is kept paramount in importance, that sensitivity to the subjective realm is cultivated, and any necessary outer activities are handled from within outwards.  Avoid a purely mystical introspection or its opposite extreme, an over-emphasised organising spirit, remembering that a life of truly occult meditation must inevitably produce outer happenings, but that these objective results are produced by an inner growth and not by an outer activity. 
A Treatise on White Magic, page 425

True meditation (of which the preliminary stages are concentration upon and application to any particular line of thought) will differ for different people and different types.  The religious man, the mystic, will centre his attention upon the life within the form, upon God, upon Christ, or upon that which embodies for him the ideal.  The business man, or the professional man, who, during his hours of work, is one-pointedly centred upon the matter he has on hand, and who keeps his attention fixed upon the particular problem [112] he has to solve, is learning to meditate.  Later on, when he comes to the more spiritual aspect of meditation, he will find that he has covered the hardest part of the road.  The person who is reading a difficult book, and reads with the full force and power of his brain, getting at that which lies behind the written word, may be meditating as much as it is possible for him to meditate at this time.  I say this for our encouragement, because we live in a cycle in which books about meditation are found.  All of them embody some aspect of the truth, and may be doing much good, but they may not embody that which is best for any particular individual.  We need to find our own way of concentrating, to ascertain our own method of approach to that which lies within, and to study for ourselves this question of meditation.
The Consciousness of the Atom, pages 111-112


Increasingly must your inner life be lived upon the mental plane. Steadily and without descent must the attitude of meditation be held - not for a few minutes each morning or at specific moments throughout the day, but constantly, all day long. It infers a constant orientation to life and the handling of life from the angle of the soul.
Discipleship in the New Age I, page 50


The common prayer was given by Dr. E. Krishnamacharya. It contains a series of Vedic mantrams to be chanted every morning and evening at 6 am and 6 pm, as well as the Invocation given by Djwhal Khul and an evening invocation translated from the Sanskrit. Here is the text of the common prayer and a recording of the mantras chanted by Dr. Krishnamacharya



acrobaticon1Common Prayer text and translation 


Men and women of goodwill link up in thought every day at five o'clock with the new world group of world servers, using the following mantram with dedication and silent, focussed attention. This can be done in a few seconds wherever one may be.

May the Power of the one Life pour through the group of all true servers.
May the Love of the one Soul characterise the lives of all who seek to aid the Great Ones.
May I fulfill my part in the one Work through self-forgetfulness, harmlessness, and right speech.


Each night, before retiring, review the incidents, events, thoughts, words and acts of the day. This should always be done backwards, beginning with the latest events, and working backwards to the hour of rising. This should not take longer than ten or fifteen minutes. You are not expected to dwell on incidents but to observe cause and effect and attitude of mind. There are four main reasons why the evening review is a regular part of the daily routine.

  1. A strict investigation into the doings of the day is a help towards self-knowledge.
  2. Tracing the various effects in life back to their originating cause helps us understand the relationship between cause and effect.
  3. It gives an awareness of the motives that impelled to a particular act or word, increasing our understanding of ourselves and our tolerance of others.
  4. As a synthetic grasp of the day's happenings is achieved, the tendency to think in larger terms is gradually developed.

Avoid morbid self-analysis and selfish introspection. Do the review than put it away out of your thoughts. If mistakes have been made, rectify them, but do not be occupied with brooding over them. If it is impossible to do this review in the evening, make it at any convenient time during the day so as to cover the past twenty-four hours. Make it a regular practice.

Text from a course on world service offered by the Arcane School


It is suggested that the following meditations be done once every week.


This meditation on attracting money for hierarchical purposes is done by many disciples every Sunday morning. It is particularly effective for the seed-group of financiers and economists. All who join in are "automatically" included in the already existing meditation group on a global scale.
Discipleship in the New Age, Volume II, pages 228-31


Meditation Money for Hierarchical Purposes, PDF


It is suggested that you do this meditation once every week, each Thursday, in the place of your usual meditation; endeavor to assume an attitude of aspiration, devotion, prayer and fixed intention (in this order), prior to following the outline. Esoteric students need the heart approach, as well as the mental approach, in order to make this meditation the powerful instrument which it can be.
Discipleship in the New Age II, pages 226-228


Meditation Christ reappearance, PDF


This meditation was developed to link up in thought all those men and women throughout the world who are working in a progressive way, spiritually penetrating their families, their communities, nations, the world of nations and the one humanity. It contains several passages from the World Goodwill meditation.


Meditation Planetary Synthesis II, PDF

Meditation for Planetary Synthesis, mp4 video


Today, in the planning now going forward in connection with the various international conferences and councils of which you all know, the spiritual effort (for the first time in human history) is to bring all of them, as functioning groups, under the direct impact of the energy which motivates and actuates that place where the Will of God is known and the purposes of divinity are defined and projected. This means that each of the coming world conferences (and there will necessarily be many) will have a greater and far more extensive effect than would otherwise be the case.
The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, page 447


UN climate summit visualisation, PDF




The Resource Center of the Lucis Trust provides detailed information about the full moon meditation, as well as a meditation outline that can be used during the full moon and new moon each month.

- > Lucis Trust Resource Center


The lunar year with its 12 new moons and 12 full moons is called the day of the gods in the Vedic tradition and corresponds to our human day of 24 hours. All the 12 signs of the Zodiac appear to go round the Earth once in every solar day and also once in every solar year. For all spiritual purposes, Aries (21 March, the vernal equinox) is located at noon of the day of the gods. Libra (21 September, the autumn equinox) is located at midnight of the day of the gods. Capricorn (21 December, the winter solstice) and Cancer (21 June, the summer solstice) mark the sunrise and sunset.

Capricorn marks the dawn of the day of the gods. The dawn marks the return of the warm rays of the sun which deliver the beings of earth from sleep and the cold of night. The effect of dawn upon the beings of earth is not so simple as it seems every day. The mystery of awakening cannot be completely understood by the consciousness of objectivity. The sun’s rays contain spiritual activity which is showered upon the beings of earth during the first two hours after sunrise. That is the reason why it is recommended to hold one’s morning meditation sometime during these two hours. The month of Capricorn in the year corresponds to this time.


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