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logo UPSOur proposal to start the University for Planetary Synthesis is based upon the following considerations.

1. The many attempts made by many groups to establish different institutions need to be channelled into a network. Important spiritual organisations are working for the expansion of the individual into the humanity consciousness. The Theosophical Movement, the Arcane School, the Ramakrishna Mission, the Ashram of Sri Aurobindo and the various Yoga movements have worked a great deal to contribute to the expansion of group consciousness. The leading religious movements have also been working for hundreds or thousands of years. The various universities and other educational institutions impart knowledge to the rising generations. Service organisations render service and train service-minded individuals to contribute their lot. Esoteric schools and ritualistic societies transmit the light of the Masters. The impact of these various groups upon humanity is scattered. It would be necessary to synthesize the contributions of the various institutions.

2. Many advances have been made into the various branches of science and technology. New channels have been opened to borrow the energies of nature. As it stands, there is a need for humanity to know how to channel these energies and utilise them for real betterment. There are certain weak points left within the comprehension of humanity, and these weaknesses lead humanity into a spirit of competition and disagreement between individuals, races, nations and countries. It is evident that these weaknesses subsist due to the lack of self-knowledge in the individual. A new science is needed to fill the gap - the Science of Man.

For this reason, we propose to initiate a new University in which the Science of the Human Being will be one of the essential courses of study and practice. This science should include the knowledge of the basic tendencies of humanity, a proper understanding of human evolution through the various kingdoms of nature, races, nations and nationalities, the study of humanity in the light of the existing scriptures (which provide the basis for the science of human values), and a science of psychology rebuilt to include the yogic and spiritual sciences. The total plan is based upon the theory of the ten seed-groups proposed by Master Djwhal Khul. Each seed-group provides a platform for the socio-economic structure of the new generation.

We appeal to the foremost thinkers of the day to help create such a University. We seek your cooperation, contribution in the form of ideas, resources, financial and material aid. The project includes the following aspects:

(a) The University is to be located at or near Geneva, to take advantage of the magnetic forces and already existing organisations that are working in this area for the reconstruction of humanity. The University could be an example of the ten seed-group structure. If we can start working in this way in Geneva and give an example, however small, of a group organism demonstrating the ten different qualities, the result could very well be the "university". It could touch every human being on this Earth, because it is a very inclusive structure.

(b) Besides the headquarters of the University in the Geneva area, working centres could be established in various countries. Each centre should include an office, a teaching centre with residential facilities and a good library.

(c) Correspondence courses and other forms of distance education could be established, besides the courses given at the centres. Evening classes would allow people working in various professions to be trained.

(d) Entrance may be made on the basis of an entrance test irrespective of the previous qualifications of the student. A good knowledge of English may be accepted as the basis. Admission is open for all who show inclination, irrespective of race, nation and religion.

The UPS is not primarily a building. It is a worldwide confederation of men and women working within existing and future universities and educational centres; people who work for the welfare of humanity and the planet by practising what they have realised to be true and transmitting their knowledge through example. They are men and women we may call "experts" because they are not only highly competent specialists in one particular sphere of work but are also able to offer solutions to recognised problems based on their many-faceted experience in their daily endeavours and above all in their spiritual life. They not only speak of "know how" but also demonstrate "know who". They work with the first aspect, the life aspect. To work with the life aspect means not trying to achieve anything, but expressing, bringing to light, what exists. There is nothing to achieve, there is only what is to be expressed. There is no effort; work is seen as joy, a festival of realisation, a ritual of renewal and beauty.

The UPS is a field of training for world service, and includes therefore ten departments corresponding to the ten seed-groups. The aim is to attune man with nature through the daily and constant practice of the five fundamental values. These values are: love of truth, sense of justice, sense of personal responsibility, spirit of cooperation, and service of the common good.


The following syllabus for the University was proposed by Dr. E. Krishnamacharya. It covers a three-year course with seven papers. The first year course includes the first two papers. The second year course includes the next two papers. The third year course includes the next three papers. Constructive suggestions, additions, exclusions and rearrangements are welcome.

Paper I: The Aquarian Sciences
(a) The Science of Liberation
(b) The Science of Healing
(c) The Science of Peace
(d) The Science of Synthesis
(e) The Science of Energies
(f) The Science of Initiation
(g) The Science of Integration
(h) The Science of the Hierarchies
(a) Selections from "Ponder on This" by Alice A. Bailey
(b) Selections from the Agni Yoga series
(c) Preliminary selections from "The Secret Doctrine" by H.P. Blavatsky
(d) Selections from "Isis Unveiled" by H.P. Blavatsky

Paper II: The Medical Sciences
(a) Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology
(b) The Principle of Ayurveda
(c) Homoeopathy
(d) Natural Healing
(e) Healing Through Finer Forces
(a) Any good textbook on anatomy and physiology
(b) The Principles of Ayurveda, by Dr. E. Krishnamacharya
(c) Selections from the works of Hahnemann and Kent
(d) Selections from Rudolf Steiner
(e) Selections from "Esoteric Healing" by Alice A. Bailey

Paper III: The Spiritual Sciences
(a) The Science of Meditation
(b) Purification of the Vehicles
(c) New Era Psychology
(a) Selections from Patanjali's Yoga Sutras
(b) Selections from Rabindranath Tagore's "Sadhana" and "Creative Unity"
(c) Selections from the Bhagavad Gita
(d) The Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount
(e) "The Voice of the Silence" by H.P. Blavatsky
(f) Selections from "Esoteric Psychology" by Alice A. Bailey
(g) Selections from "Spiritual Psychology" by Dr. E. Krishnamacharya

Paper IV: Socio-Economics
(a) The Ten Seed-Groups
(b) The Socio-Economic Triangle
(c) The Fourfold division of society
(d) The Four Stages of the Human span
(e) The Seven Rays
(a), (e) Selections from the works of Djwhal Khul
(b), (c) and (d) Selections from the ancient Indian Scriptures

Paper V: The Journey of Man
(a) The Origin and Development of Man
(b) History of Humanity according to the Old Testament
(c) History of Humanity according to the ancient Indian Scriptures
(d) History of Humanity according to the Secret Doctrine by H.P. Blavatsky
(a) Selections from a textbook on Darwin
(b) Selections from Sri Aurobindo's "Theory of Evolution" and "The Riddle of the World"
(c) Selections from a textbook of anthropology
(d) Selections from the Old Testament
(e) Selections from the Indian Scriptures
(f) Selections from the Secret Doctrine by H.P. Blavatsky

Paper VI: The Science of Mysteries
(a) The Pythagorean Mysteries
(b) The Christian Mysteries
(c) Freemasonry
(d) The Mysteries of the Tantra and Agama Schools

Paper VII: The Science of Symbolism
(a) The Astrological Symbolism
(b) The Symbolism of the Scriptures
(c) The Theosophical Symbolism
(a)  and (b) Selections from the works of Alan Leo, "Esoteric Astrology" by Alice A. Bailey, "Spiritual Astrology" by Dr. E. Krishnamacharya
(c) "The Theosophical Seal" by Arthur M. Coon

The University is for the moment only a blueprint. Similar projects, however, have already advanced into the stage of materialisation and offer courses for students. We advise those who would like to follow such a course of study to contact these institutions directly. Below we give some of their names and addresses:

ARCANA WORKSHOPS - www.meditationtraining.org
ARCANE SCHOOL - www.lucistrust.org
INSTITUT ALCOR – www.institut-alcor.org

Text based on original syllabus proposed on 31.08.1982, revised by Dr. E. Krishnamacharya

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